A graduate student reported to UR Security that a laptop computer he was renting from the Simon School was stolen from the circulation desk area of Rush Rhees Library Saturday afternoon.

The laptop, valued at over $1,300, was stolen when the student momentarily left the computer unattended, Security Investigator Dan Lafferty said.

A report was filed with the Rochester Police Department.

Scrubber ‘borrowed’ from Rush Rhees

A $6,000 floor scrubber was reported stolen from Rush Rhees Library sometime between Nov. 1 and Nov. 5. The scrubber was found Nov. 9 when the machine in question was located in a mechanical closet at the Louis Alexander Palestra.

Its disappearance and reappearance is somewhat of a mystery, Lafferty said, because “the machine itself is so large that it would render removal from the property unlikely.”

The machine was not damaged and was returned to its proper storage area inside the library.

Computer stolen from Eastman

A contractor at the Eastman School of Music reported that someone stole a $200 computer sometime between Nov. 1 and Nov. 2 from inside the school’s copy center.

The computer had been disconnected and on the floor with a power cord wrapped around it, according to security reports.

The contractor did not report the theft to security until Nov. 8 because he said he was checking with others in the area to see if they knew what had happened to the computer.

Items damaged in Slater fire

A caller notified security that her room was filling with smoke Monday afternoon.

Lafferty said the caller told security that the fire began when she threw a pillow onto the floor the floor to take a nap. The pillow landed on a toaster oven in the room and caused it to turn on. The heat from the oven caused the pillow to start on fire and melted a plastic tote that was next to the bed.

The Rochester Fire Department responded and removed the toaster oven from the room. The RFD did not notice any other damages.

Four sweaters, a blanket, the pillow, the toaster oven and the plastic tote were damaged as a result of the fire. There were over $215 in estimated damages, according to security reports.

The student wasn’t injured as a result of the fire.

Credit card and UR ID stolen from SBA

A student reported that her credit card and UR ID card were removed and stolen from her wallet Nov. 9 in the sixth floor lounge in the Susan B. Anthony Residence Halls.

The student reported to security that she had been studying by herself in the lounge and left her wallet unattended when she left. When she returned 30 minutes later and went to get her ID card, she found it, along with a credit card, were stolen.

Panhandler warned outside Living Center

Several students at the Eastman School of Music notified security Friday afternoon that there was an individual panhandling outside the Eastman Living Center.

Officers located the suspect, who is not affiliated with the university, and warned him against continuing the activity.

Information provided by UR Security.

Hildebrandt can be reached at thildebrandt@campustimes.org.

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