Freshmen that will be enrolling at UR in the spring will be placed on the Freshman Quad in keeping with freshman housing. If the number of students exceeds the space available, the remaining students will be housed in the Susan B. Anthony Residence Halls and Towers. Space available could vary because of students leaving for study abroad or taking the semester off.

Though numbers are not yet available for how many rooms available on the quad, senior associate director of Residential Life Laurel Contomanolis predicted that if there was a shortage, only a handful of students would be placed elsewhere.

“Our plans are to house incoming freshman students in vacancies in the Freshman Quad as far as available spaces go. The large number of freshmen currently housed in the Freshman Quad has certainly been a factor in our considerations for housing these incoming students,” Contomanolis said.

Contomanolis said that RAs will play an important role in making incoming students feel warm and welcome.

“Hopefully it’s going to be an easier transition for students. We will do our best to connect these students with their class peers in the Quad through special outreach programs,” she said.

Korean American Students Association hosts party

The Korean American Students Association is hosting a party this weekend in the May Room of Wilson Commons. Organizers believe this will be a good opportunity for students to socialize. “The important thing to remember is that because we are an SA-funded group, this party is for everyone,” said KASA Activities Manager Jack Collins.

The party will begin at 10 p.m. Admission is $5 and doors will close at 1 a.m. Free glow sticks will be handed out.

“This party is sponsored by active students who want to do things for other students,” Collins said.

Collins also said he believes this is an important opportunity for SA-funded groups to show their support for each other. “SA groups are here to support each other, not to compete,” said Collins.

Collins said he hopes the party will give students a chance to relax and let loose. “If you love to socialize and dance, this will be a good place to come,” he said.

Dance Program brings Creative Open Forum to UR

From 5 to 7 p.m. Friday, Dec. 7 the Dance Program will present UR students with a vision to share in the Spurrier Dance Studio. For more information, call x35150.

Drama House and Logos hold Cirkus: An Open MIC Night

The Drama House and Logos will bring the open MIC night to the Drama house on Sunday, Dec. 9.

The show will involve UR student musicans, composers, poets, playwrights, choreographers and artists who will all perform or present thier work.

The featured performers are juniors Kali Quinn, Jim Hykel, and Allen Cross, among others.

If you are interesting in performing, contact Ilya Khabinsky by calling x44227 or emailing

RIT and UR Greeks organize Calentura ’01

The brothers of Phi Iota Alpha and sisters of Omega Phi Beta are holding Calentura ’01 on Saturday, Dec. 8.

In addition to hip-hop and reggae, Calentura ’01 will also feature salsa, merngue and bachata.

The event will take place on campus in Wilson Common’s May Room, and is co-sponsered by Spanish And Latin Students’ Association (SALSA) and the SA.

The party will begin at 10:30 p.m. Admission is $5 for Greeks and $6 for everyone else. The doors will close after 1 a.m. and security will be enforced. A college ID is also required for entrance.

For more information, contact eta@ or

Reporting by Pranav Chandra, Karen

Taylor, Alissa Miller and Chadwick Schnee.

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