As the country attempts to get back to a normal life, I think that there is one thing missing.

Everywhere you go everybody talks about is what happened and what is going to happen ? which is very understandable. But the one thing that is missing is good ole? American humor. There hasn?t been much of that present since the tragic moments that happened on Tuesday, Sept. 11.

So I am going to take it upon myself to bring up a topic that is totally random. This topic has absolutely nothing to do with the World Trade Center. Something so off the wall that most people are going to wonder where and why I thought of this topic. And to those people that ask that question I must say ? I have no idea.

The topic I?m going to talk about is not to be taken seriously at all.

It will hopefully lighten up some dinner debates. But we?ll just have to wait and see about that.

Alright ? enough with the headlines. The topic that my sick mind thought of is whether it is good or bad for athletes to have sex the night before a game, match or meet. Believe it or not, this has been a highly debated topic amongst the sports world, mostly in the European countries.

Most of the people that watched the 1994 World Cup probably heard about most of the European coaches banning their players from having sex the night before games.

One of the few cases in which a coach actually promoted his players to ?get down and dirty? the night before a game was the East German coaches. The coaches for all the professional teams in East Germany, at one point, actually paired up a male and female athlete.

The only problem with this was that in most cases it was a totally random selection, meaning that a long distance runner could run the chance of being paired up with a shot-put athlete.

So what you are wondering right now is ? ?Is there an answer to this debate??

Well, I guess whatever you think is the right answer. Some studies have shown that it will wear down the athlete?s stamina, while other studies show that it all depends on what sport the athlete is playing. This means that the more vigorous sports will be more affected than the less vigorous sports.

So that is it, ladies and gentlemen, yet another debate that will probably never be settled. I think this one goes right along the lines with such debates as ?Who shot John F. Kennedy?? and ?Why is chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream called Neopolitan??

It?s your call.

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