Restaurants:? California Rollin?: Village Gate?s sushi place is one of Rochester?s most-loved dinning areas. Students flock to the restaurant to watch sushi being chopped and sliced right in front of them by master chefs. The atmosphere of the place is also friendly and decorated with aquariums of exotic fish. Phone: 271-8990.

? Sinbad?s: If you have a strong craving for Mediterranean food or just simply love the taste of hummus, try Sinbad?s. It is located in the heart of Park Avenue ? the swanky part of town. Try out their spinach pie or their tasty falafel. Phone: 473-5655.

? Tokyo: This is another sushi place that has students coming back for more. It is on the way to Marketplace Mall, which makes it closer to River Campus. The atmosphere of the area is subtle but welcoming. You can choose between the standard seating or reserve a traditional Japanese dinning room that offers privacy with delicious delights. Phone: 424-4166.

? Hogan?s Hideaway: This American bistro restaurant is known for its interesting decoration and student-friendly prices. Furthermore, the Hideaway has a selection of vegetarian dishes and a number of specials every week. The people in charge of it succeeded at creating an eccentric, yet homely atmosphere. Phone: 442-4293.

? Aladdin?s: Aladdin?s serves the best Greek food in the Rochester Area. This restaurant offers patio seating and indoor seating and offers friendly service. The menu is not Greek food-exclusive ? they also offer dishes from different Middle Eastern countries. The food is fresh and served in filling portions. Phone: 442-5000.

Coffee shops:? Java Joes: Being one of the poshest spots to have coffee this side of the state, Java Joes is a center for students and anyone who wants a sip of great tasting coffee. Phone: 232-5282.

? Spot: Located on East Avenue, this coffee shop is the hippest place to be for an extra dosage of caffeine or just a place to study. Known for its artsy atmosphere, Spot is a performing center for on-the-road folk singers from across the nation. Furthermore, Spot is the biggest coffee shop in Rochester, with two floors and different sections. Spot also offers a wide range of desserts for anyone with a sweet tooth. Phone: 232-7768.

? Spin: Caffeine is catered in all kinds of drinks in this trendy coffee shop. The decoration was modeled after the tea cup rides at Walt Disney World. Although Spin is a pricey place for a coffee shop, you are guaranteed to get a good cup of coffee. They also provide a lot of coffee merchandise for sale. Phone: 506-9550.

? Little Caf: This is Little Theater?s cafe ? a movie theater that showcases the best of the independent movies to Rochester audiences. Therefore, you can expect the art-house feel to it. The Little Caf is also known for its great prices. Phone: 258-0444.

? Moon Beans: With abstract art all over the shop and dark lighting, Moon Beans is yet another artsy center. However, unlike other coffee shops, this one is also a bar that serves alcoholic beverages. The place is also famous for its live music. Phone: 244-5370.

Clubs:? Piranha: Situated in Rochester?s Water Street Music Hall, Piranha is a large club that is always a common ground for students to hang out at. Water Street Music Hall can be a concert arena, however, on Piranha nights the clubs turns into a raver?s dome. The clubs has a goth feel to it and has many different rooms for people to roam about. Phone: 325-5600.

? Red: Red has earned the title of the best techno club in the area. Hosting many of the best club events in Rochester ranging from having Kim English perform on PUMP nights to getting the best DJ?s from around the nation to take a spin at their downtown location. Phone: 234-0888.

? GQ: This gay club is fully equipped with poles, platforms and a shower room for anyone willing to be adventurous. DJ Lenn spins your favorite remixes or recent pop hits on Saturday nights. GQ turns fabulous on Thursday and Sunday nights when the club becomes a drag show. Phone 234-4807.

? Tonic: Here?s a club that caters to the yuppie crowd, so it can be dull at times and is mostly full of young professionals. Another major drawback is that the club is 21 and over only. The club itself is well-designed, posh and overlooks the very trendy East Avenue. Another positive aspect of the club is that there is an outdoors portion. This is especially enjoyable because fresh air is necessary to cool down after heating things up on the dance floor all night. Phone: 325-7720.

? Velocity: The newly opened club is definitely a great place to dance, with enough space to sit at the bar and boogie on the dance floor. The only negative aspect is that the DJs need to have better music selection. Phone: 454-4444.

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