Here it is ? free sex, relationship, and dating advice ? exactly what you have all been waiting for. No longer will you have to stare with bewilderment at the fungus growing on your genitals or avoid your girlfriend because she is drenched in parfum decor. Read on, and all your questions will be answered.

My boyfriend has smelly feet. I want to tell him, but I don?t know how. What is the best way to go about this without hurting his feelings? ? Offended Olfaction in Anderson

There is nothing worse than getting down and dirty with your significant other and being strangled by a strong odor of toe cheese and salty peanuts. This problem needs to be remedied quickly. While hinting that his cologne drives you wild or suggesting a new scented bath soap seems like a good idea, it doesn?t get right to the problem. One can?t be sure the feet will be given special attention. The key is communication. Just come out and say it. ?Your feet smell.? Any normal guy should laugh it off and then take steps to deodorize his peds if he wants any more close affection. ? Joan

If there are statistically more males than females on this campus, why are there hardly any guys at parties on the weekends? How am I supposed to find a man? ? XYless on Campus

While all the women are out partying on Friday nights, most guys are downloading porn on their computers in their dorm rooms. Your best bet in finding a guy is to join an extracurricular activity that you enjoy. That way you will excel in your area of interest and also attract guys. And, at least then you know you will have a common interest to talk about.

Another way to meet people is to get to know classmates. Just start chatting with someone before or after the lecture. Maybe you?ll get in a heated debate over antigravity and have to take it out of the lecture hall. ? Joan

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A letter to the editor: abortion is healthcare

The ethical necessity for abortion is not up for debate. Bodily autonomy and the right to choose whether to carry a pregnancy to term is a human right.

Help, my roommate took ECON 108!

I was willing to overlook the basic annoyances, such as his grumbling “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” when we’d pass food being given out.

During midterm season, prioritize UR health in advance

It’s been three weeks since classes started, and if you’re like us here at the Campus Times, you’re sick and tired.