Plans for a pub on the third floor of Wilson Commons have been put on hold indefinitely.

Quentin Roach, director of purchasing and auxiliary operations for the university, said that the pub has been put on the ?back burner? because of the recent remodeling done to Danforth Dining Center and Douglass Food Court.

?The main priorities [over the summer] were the renovation of Danforth and brand imaging,? Roach said.

Patrons of Douglass will find new foods, including rotisserie chicken and a mexican-style food stand.

In Danforth, self-service is a thing of the past as workers dish out portions to waiting diners.

Roach also said that the planned pub was put on hold because of questions about the viability of the pub concept on campus.

?How would the pub sustain itself?? was one of the major questions that the administration, the board of trustees, faculty and staff members have been considering, Roach said.

?There is more info to gather in terms of use,? said Mary Beth Cooper, River Campus Dean of Students. One of Cooper?s main responsibilities is to oversee dining.

In February, university administration had decided to move forward with the idea, although there was no formal contract which declared that the pub concept was completely finalized.

All sides involved in running UR have to agree to move forward with the pub concept before such an environment comes to campus, said Roach.

Even though the pub is not here now, Roach said that the idea is ?certainly not something that has gone away.?

There is no timeline for the implementation of the pub concept on campus, said Roach, noting, however, that the decision is ?under review.?

?It is a general item that stays on a list of items,? Roach said.

Roach and Cooper have been the most informed faculty and staff on the pub issue, and Roach said that in order to proceed with the project they ?need to bring others [administration, board of trustees, faculty and staff] up to speed.?

Roach also handles contract negotiations with Aramark, UR?s food service provider, and said that one of the items under negotiation calls for Aramark to provide ?partial funding for a pub-type environment.?

Students will also be able to get involved in the process if a possible student committee is formed.

The committee will look at the wide spectrum of student services, including dining plans and ?where the pub falls into the overall plan,? Roach said.

?Obviously I would like to see it [the pub] developed in the next couple of months, but I don?t think that is going to happen,? junior Kimberly Chesebrough said, noting that a ?majority of students wanted it.?

The original idea for the pub involved creating a new dining venue on campus which would have live music and entertainment programs that would be open to the whole community.

Menu ideas ranged from buffalo wings and nacho platters to honey- dijon chicken sandwiches. Alcohol was to be served during certain hours to those of legal age.

The pub was slated to go into the current game room space on the third floor of Wilson Commons.

Remodeling plans included an open kitchen on one wall, a stage and bar in the opposite corner and the utilization of the balcony.

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