I have to start with thanks to this University for never leaving me without material for a comic. A big thanks to the big 3 of student disdain: Aramark, Parking, and Freshmen Housing. Thanks to the CT peeps who accepted me into their twisted little family even though I voted for Bush. Just kidding, I?m poor white trash but I?m not stupid. Thanks to Jess for being the first to read my comics every week and lie to me and say they?re funny. To Joan, you?re a kick-ass Comics Editor. Keep up the good work and get Juicy laid … that poor hamster looks bored. Thanks to all my friends. Thanks to the Academy. A final thanks though to anyone who actually read my comic and immediately didn?t make fun of it. All two of you, take a bow. To all you aspiring cartoonists, keep it coming. Turn that rage into a comic page. Peace out.

Kids’ feral behavior in Sephora reflects poorly on parents, not Gen Alpha

There is nothing wrong with being interested in skincare and makeup products; however, the behavior displayed by these children goes beyond just curiosity, and seems more like a deep desire to acquire these things to fit in.

The Ward Project is cataloging Henry Ward’s taxidermied specimens, letters, and more

The Ward Project is a collection of artifacts and documents associated with Henry Ward and his Natural Science Establishment from the 1800s and 1900s.

Plan to rename shuttle lines gets SA support

The SA senate unanimously passed a statement of support for the renaming of several University shuttle lines Feb. 12. The…