Everyone knew at the start of the season that Arizona had the talent to be the best, and all tournament long it had been proving that it has what it takes to be a champion.

Thats why after two more nights of madness and they will be madness it will be the Wildcats that will cut down the nets in Minneapolis.

Lets start in the backcourt with Gilbert Arenas and Jason Gardner.

Arenas has been leading a talented offensive group. He can be impossible to defend against when he is on and from what I have seen he has been playing under control in the tournament.

Gardner is a very good point guard who Arizona will need if it is going to beat the tough opponents that it is due to face.

But what I like so much about the Wildcats is their balance and ability to score upfront.

Michael Wright, Richard Jefferson and Loren Woods are all guys who can provide points and grab rebounds.

Luke Walton and Eugene Edgerson are two great guys to come of the bench.

I dont think that Duke has that total package right now. For the Blue Devils, it has been all Jason Williams and Shane Battier. The two of them combined for 42 of the teams 63 shots in the Elite Eight game against USC. Guys like Mike Dunleavy and Chris Duhon are not at the top of their games right now. Nate James looks lost out there.

To beat Maryland, they are going to need them to step up to take some of the pressure off of Williams who doesnt seem to be fazed by much.

These two schools went at it during the regular season and if you saw Maryland manhandle Stanford in every phase of the game then you know Duke isnt just going to walk away with this one.

Remember, Arizona went to the line 56 times against Illinois and if it plays Duke in the finals and get Carlos Boozer in foul trouble, then it could spell trouble for the Blue Devils.

Its been a long season and anything can happen, but I feel like Arizona has come of age since its one-point win over Stanford at the end of the season.

Right now, the team has a 10-game winning streak and when it is all said and done, the streak will be at 12.

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