Don?t you love it when a plan falls apart? I?ve heard many stories about spring break trips that were bound to happen, but then somebody gets sick, the car breaks down or my personal favorite ? the girlfriend back home cracks the whip.

So what you end up doing is sitting at home, sleeping for ridiculous amounts of time and whining about how your town sucks.

Ladies and gentlemen of the UR community, I?ve got the answer for your spring break trip for 2002 ? Major League Baseball spring training.

I know what some of you are saying to yourself ? ?But then I can?t drink till I go unconscious every night in Florida.?

Sure you can, there are plenty of other people down there over 21 or people who have fake IDs, but that?s not the point of this editorial.

Spring training is a great chance for you to get an up close and personal look at your favorite team. And maybe even get a shot at getting some of the sluggers? autographs without waiting in crazy lines and paying an arm and a leg.

For many of the teams, tickets are extremely cheap and every seat is a good one. So it?s a win-win situation ? you pay less for a ticket and end up with a seat that makes you feel like you?re really in the game.

The only decision you?ll have to make for this trip is how you are going to get there.

Flying commercially can sometimes be expensive unless you search for the special deals, but usually you can only find them a few months before spring break and we all know plans change all the time.

Another way to go is the good ole-fashioned way ? THE ROAD TRIP.

Pile all your friends in your car and take to the roadways.

Yes, it is quite a long trip for most of you to get to Florida, but driving does have its rewards.

First, you learn a lot about your friends that you didn?t know before.

Second, you get to cruise all around Florida chasing numerous different baseball teams.

For the guys, one of the little known things about spring training is the Hooters girls. Yes, that?s right, the world-famous place to go to eat wings sends its waitresses to the games to hand out free beer coupons. This is a perfect picture opportunity.

On the female side, some of the women on campus have told me that professional baseball players are the ?hottest? professional players.

Personally, I have no idea. But they are all down there in tight uniforms waiting for college women to drool over them.

So when it comes time to sit down with your friends and discuss the ridiculous amounts of money you are planning on spending for spring break, make sure you discuss some of the grand opportunities that spring training has to offer every baseball buff.

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