Spring season is hitting campus, and for the men and women?s crew teams that means getting back to the Genessee waters.

Like many of the spring sports, the crew teams headed down south to begin training. They spent their break in Gainesville, Ga.. The team used the time to get reacquainted with the water after rigorous indoor training during the winter months.

Spring Training

Last week, the men ended their training by scrimmaging Holy Cross College?s varsity team.

The teams rowed head-to-head in four racing pieces at 1500 meters, 1000 meters and two at 500 meters.

Although Holy Cross had three boats racing, the UR men?s team came in first place in the 1500 meter, second in the 1000-meter and first and second in the 500 meter races.

Squad size

Despite being a club team, the team competes and performs well against Div. I varsity teams like Holy Cross.

?We?re a small crew compared to a lot of other schools, but we?re tough,? junior Galen Mitterman said.

Right now the squad has a varsity-eight man boat, a novice-four man boat and a pair boat. The eight is comprised of two seniors, three juniors, three sophomores and a senior coxswain.

There are no novice rowers in the eight, but senior James Campagna and Mitterman see promise in the novice squad, and one or two may be fighting for a seat in the eight.

As far as the outlook for the season, the men?s team hopes to continue to finish off the spring season with the success and momentum gained from the fall season.

Season goals

UR has hopes of medaling at the New York State meet, qualifing for the grand final at Dad Vails Regatta near Philadelphia and put in a strong showing at the Intercollegiate Rowing Association Regatta.

Unlike the men, the women?s team did not scrimmage during the break, but it had more than enough rowers on its own squad to practice itself.

For the spring season, there will be 19 rowers on the women?s squad, which will be the first time it has they have been able to put together two full eight-person boats ? a varsity-eight and a novice-eight.

Overall, the season looks promising for the team.

?We had thought this year would be a building year for the women, but with the current potential, I?m confident we?ll do well throughout the season,? senior Sarah Lounsberry said.

Rest of season

The women?s schedule will be grueling this semester, with at least one race every weekend from March 24 to May 12.

The men and women?s next races will be March 24 at home against the Rochester Institute of Technology. The men are also hoping to compete at the Bucknell Invitational.

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