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Festivals and FOMO: International student edition

As an international student, being away from home means being disconnected from cultural traditions. And in all honesty, I don’t know how to do a better job of keeping up to date with everything.

Walrus Junction brings college music around town 

On their Facebook page, Rochester-based band Walrus Junction calls themselves fuzz pop mixed with “raw, gritty tones and lyrics of…

‘Senryu Girl’: a return to simplicity

Out of the many new releases this spring anime season, “Senryu Girl” is a breath of fresh air. Based on…

KASA and URKC merger: Strengthening community

This past Tuesday, the two Korean student organizations on campus, Korean American Students’ Association and UR Korea Connection, merged.

Ariana Grande and society’s problem with details

It’s important to remember that Asian Americans are equally American.

Being culturally homeless

I think the first time I realized the segregation between my two cultures was when I was visiting family in China over summer.