Fragments of an Asian identity

My mother was right. In America, we will always be seen as Asian first and as people second.

Luckily for us, human nature is conservative

The best course of action is neither to shy away from progress nor to pursue it recklessly.

Even the simplest police reform moves at a snail’s pace

Why wasn’t this issue dealt with when the first child was brutalized by the RPD?

How ‘Orange Is the New Black’ fails female prisoners

Rape isn’t a joke, and you’d expect a show that fancies itself feminist to know that.

The toxicity of TikTok beauty trends

People are whole individuals with far more interesting qualities than their forehead size.

Literally, defund UHS

It’s time that we carefully re-evaluate UHS’s usefulness, necessity, and contributions to the student body.

Carrie Fisher’s tragedy and my tentative hope for a better future

Like so many women who choose to go our own way, she fell in love with a man who had only contempt for her.

A response to Dr. Chatbot and student complacency

If we can present it as a fun opportunity rather than one more duty in an already exhausting time, then by all means we should.

Apocalyptic eating in the Rochester City School District

School breakfasts and lunches have always looked like they were dug out of somebody’s bomb shelter, but this is a new low.

Dear men on dating apps

I’m simply pointing out that if you are ashamed, you’re ashamed for good reason.
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