A Hong Konger’s message to CSSA

It is much easier to cheer on the liberation of a city when it is not burning around you.

Tunnel censorship spells dark days for UR community

The inability of the administration and student government to condemn censorship is deeply regrettable.

Privacy deprivation as a 17-year-old college student

I mean, how awkward would it be if I went in to get birth control and they had to call my dad for approval?

In defense of Gleason Library

There are a lot of elements that make Gleason great, so let’s take them one by one. 

Let’s remember what Movember started for

You mean there are men who have mental health issues that they talk about?!?

The importance of Friendsgiving

Friendsgiving doesn’t have to be an expensive four-course meal in a five-star restaurant. Cooking a meal together and watching cheesy holiday movies can be equally fulfilling.

Campus through the eyes of a ‘socially awkward’ student

With all of the attention on you, you feel the gaze of people across the room like fine needles piercing your skin.

It’s okay to change your mind

You’re never wasting time when you’re doing what you love.

We need fratiquette

Just because it’s a frat doesn’t mean it’s a barn, or that you suddenly live there because you’re drunk.

A UHS critique: Less veteran accommodating than advertised

If the University is going to brand themselves as veteran friendly and accommodating, they need to have a better understanding of military insurance.