What do you deserve as a customer of UR?

Dear Student Body, I address you as a concerned senior who wants to see this university assume its intended role as…

Exchanging six days for the justice of thousands

In the light of all the events that have occurred regarding the Jaeger sexual harassment case, and the response of…

Clinton’s wrong: The electoral college should stay

Last week, Hillary Clinton’s new book, “What Happened,” was released. In the book, she blames several different factors for her…

Seligman comforts the comfortable

Neutrality in the face of catastrophe only serves to bolster the power of the perpetrator.

Seligman should resign

I won’t give another cent as long as Seligman remains president.

Breaking down Seligman’s bad arguments

I may not be as accomplished a legal scholar as Joel Seligman is, but I have been a competitive debater for 10 years and led the Debate Union as its president for two years — so trust me, I know how to call out a bad argument when I see one.

First year or freshman?

Many students are confused or annoyed by the University's new change in lingo when it comes to the term "first-year,"…

Advising the advisors

It’s day (insert number here) of orientation, and I’m inspecting the other first-years as we sit in a group meeting…

If money is all that you love

Somebody, or perhaps multiple people, weighed the prospect of hurting a customer against the prospect of losing money, and decided that the latter was worse.

Let’s talk about MERT

Why MERT isn't the reason why being MERTed is so expensive.