‘The Underhill’ is ambitious and fascinating

I’m not sure how to describe “The Underhill” to someone who didn’t go, because it is nearly impossible to explain.…

‘The Vagina Monologues’ is uncomfortable and important

It’s about time someone talked about how hard it really is to find your vagina. I thought I was the…

MBDance intrigues in ‘Dying and Dying and Dying’

This is cliché, but when I went to Spurrier Dance Theater to see “Dying and Dying and Dying: A Meditation…

ROC Players illuminate with ‘Into the Woods’

Reviewing my notes on the performance, one word kept on popping up: impressive.

TOOP mystifies with ‘The Accidental Death of an Anarchist’

The play mainly focuses on the events that follow Pinelli’s “accidental” fall from the fourth floor of a police building.

The spirit of meliora: Jeff’s farewell column

The thing about Meliora is, it's not so much a state of mind as it is a feeling that starts in your toes and ends where your dreams begin.

OBOC closes semester, with love

“All You Need is Love!” contained a variety of songs from musicals inspired by the joys of infatuation and romance. The skits performed in each song were quite different from their original enactment, with their own unique UR touch.

‘Almost Maine’ paints poignant vignettes

The curtain didn’t go up at the start of UR TOOP’s “Almost Maine” Saturday night—because there was no curtain.

‘Next to Normal’ offers powerful anecdote on mental health

"Next to Normal"'s effectiveness in portraying just how confusing and terrifying mental health problems can be was captured well by the ROC Players production.

Red Ryder brings drama, nostalgia, ’70s aesthetic

The International Theatre Program’s “When you comin’ back, Red Ryder?” premiered last Thursday, opening the fall season to a full house.