Red Ryder brings drama, nostalgia, ’70s aesthetic

The International Theatre Program’s “When you comin’ back, Red Ryder?” premiered last Thursday, opening the fall season to a full house.

Student Fringe performance ‘Here I Lie’ connects culture, community

A young woman sitting with a somber expression, clad completely in white in front of a white screen, created the melancholy mood required for this piece.

‘Harry Potter’ play dives into the series’ past

The play finds its characters struggling with the past.

A subjective ranking of the One Act Play festival

The unfolding plays in the International Theatre Program’s 18th Annual One Act Play Festival caught my attention with the mystery of what was yet to come, and then held that attention with twists and turns packed into the short time allotted to them.

The ‘Vagina Monologues’ speaks for itself

There’s no feeling quite like hearing an audience roar with applause after a woman onstage describes the “crumbling remains of the patriarchy.”

TOOP is nearly flawless in “All in the Timing”

“All in the Timing,” the latest production by student theatre group The Opposite of People (TOOP), is a series of short plays that opens with three chimpanzees tasked with typing up “Hamlet,” written by David Ives.

Musical theater flourishes, expands opportunities for students

The members hope to perform two to three musical productions each year in the future.

‘Yerma’, the dark tale

UR's International Theatre Program, with their talented cast and original director Gisela Cardenas' inspired staging choices, artfully tells the unsettling story of "Yerma."