Kyle Chang
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Kyle Chang is a First-Year majoring in Math and Statistics from Queens, New York. Kyle is a Culture Editor. Before the CT, Kyle wrote for his high school paper, the Stuyvesant Spectator. Outside of CT, Kyle goes to the internet and stays there. Fun Fact: If A = 1, B = 2, and so on, Kyle's name would spell out 1125125. His birthday is November 25th. Please do not hack into all of his accounts with this piece of information.

Articles by Kyle

I’m more than my MBTI

I was completely unrecognizable, with no authentic bone in my body. As I became more obsessed with the MBTI, my life began to revolve around it, extending towards the people around me.

Aminé emerges from quarantine with ‘TWOPOINTFIVE,’ his most exciting experiment yet

Aminé takes hyperpop and smoothens out its rough edges — what results is a sugary pop rap record that translates his eccentricity into music.

Silk Sonic’s timeless sound outlives critics’ questions of its authenticity

Silk Sonic manages to bring nostalgia for a beloved era of music, whilst perfectly balancing a carefree self-awareness of its parody with serious artistry.