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CT Eats: Brainnnns

It smelled absolutely wonderful, and the texture was the perfect level of vomit-inducing for my taste. 

It’s okay to only pass your classes

When you’re a procrastinator, you assume that putting in the effort will make things change, but it hasn’t.

Being stuck in tradition sucks

Take advantage of your position to make your group environment a place where everyone feels that they can be heard.

Waving the white flag with pride

I’ve been wondering if I’m straight a lot recently. It’s funny — usually, the trope is that people have to consider the reverse.

Staff shortages limits dining options for students on campus, student demand refunds

With this drastic shift, hours have shortened at certain dining areas, and more niche options have closed entirely.

UR Team competes to revolutionize hospital work

Team Bio-Sphere is working on developing a wearable biosensor (with an accompanying app) to help predict a risk of sepsis.

UR Team competes to revolutionize hospital work

The International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) Competition has hundreds of student teams worldwide using synthetic biology — the practice of…

It’s time to keep our heads down (and masks on)

Let’s focus on what we can change, and channel our efforts into pushing for improvements that are possible.

An open letter to Workaholics Anonymous

The more you keep going, the less stopping seems to be an option. Thus, I keep going, hypocritically, and I’m sure many of you do, too.

Be “ever better” than yourself, not others

Being ever better doesn’t mean striving to do everything, all the time, better than everyone else around you.