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Winterfest Weekend with Rachel Sennott and Ziwe: serving comedy and class

Good comedy is hard to find, and notoriously even harder to find at Winterfest Weekend. Yet Rachel Sennott, Ziwe, and…

It’s snow joke: Winterfest comedy night was a success

Audience members were laughing during every set, and each comedian offered an entirely different style that kept the show interesting.

Students call out molestation remarks, comedian unapologetic

while college students are often accused of being over-sensitive, students who objected to the joke said it wasn’t because of the topic.

Interview: Hasan Minhaj talks career, family, and inspirations

Hasan Minhaj, the stand-up comedian and "The Daily Show" correspondent, performed at Winterfest on Saturday, February 3. We talked to him backstage before the show.

Hasan Minhaj brings more than jokes for Winterfest

It was below freezing outside Strong Auditorium on Saturday evening, but you wouldn’t have been able to tell by the…

Winterfest serves as a distraction for students

Saturday afternoon marked the centerpiece of Winterfest Weekend – Winter Wonderland. Students snapped pictures with the different ice sculptures scattered around campus.

Few heckle, but many just laugh

In response to the pushback against Saturday’s performance, CAB Administrative Chair and senior Samantha Lish said that the Board has plans to “avoid any future relationship with Viola.”

B.J. Novak delights with wit and relatability

Writer and executive producer of “The Office” B. J. Novak performed on Saturday as the headlining Winterfest Weekend comedian.