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Toddler detective, chapter 9

Against the best of my still-developing judgment, I decided to keep doing the only thing I know how to do in this crazy world—sleuthing.

Toddler detective, chapter 8

A bare bulb in a dark room. I feel like I've woken up from an eleven month nap. I think I'm a very long way from my crib.

Toddler detective, chapter 7

I’m suddenly very aware of my legs not being able to touch the ground from the hybrid highchair/barstool here at the Dirty Diaper.

Toddler detective, chapter 6

I tried to kick in the door like an old Western movie, but I ended up just kicking through the door and getting stuck for, like, ten minutes.

Toddler detective, chapter 5

Mommy drove me over to Scarlet’s for what was nominally a “play-date,” but, in reality, a full-scale investigation that could leave some scars.

Toddler detective, chapter 3

Drifting off, I had the strange sensation of floating. Suddenly, I found myself walking in a field. Sunflowers as far as I could see, the sky an unnaturally pale blue. Jeez, I said to myself, this is what happens when you hit the sauce too hard.

Charles, toddler detective, chapter 2: A fence named picket

It’s never good to deal with guys who have tummy aches—who knows what’ll make ‘em snap?

Charles, toddler detective

I’ve half a mind to call Mommy for a stiff glass of juicey when the source of trouble stumbles into the room on pink light-up Skechers.