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‘First Kill’ deserved a second season

“First Kill” wasn’t canceled because it was bad. It was canceled because it was fun.

The Good, The Bad, and the Meta

More than anything else, I believe that people in the middle of a 2-year-long (and counting) pandemic are simply desperate to feel a physical human connection again.
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How ‘Orange Is the New Black’ fails female prisoners

Rape isn’t a joke, and you’d expect a show that fancies itself feminist to know that.

UR student Maddy Wary stars alongside Ben Affleck in Netflix film

Maddy Wary seems like your average college student, aside from having her own IMDb page and having acted alongside Ben…

Not Vanilla: The search for sitcoms

With all the classic comedy shows of my childhood gone (I’m talking “Parks and Recreation,” “The Office,” “Community,” “Drake &…