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Day in the Life: A Business Analytics Major Studying Abroad

Junior Fernanda Sesto is a Business Analytics major studying abroad at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, specifically at ESCI-UPF (Escuela Superior de Comercio Internacional) in Barcelona, Spain.

Approval needed for student employees on campus, study abroad programs not affected

Students who stayed over break who hadn’t been working but “whose jobs became necessary when we re-started classes remotely” were compiled “in a list of names and why the duties were necessary for re-starting the semester, and then those names were submitted to the Interim Provost (Sarah Peyre) for her approval."

UR provides physical study spaces for remote Chinese students

“It would be ideal to offer this to all students everywhere, and each location must be evaluated individually,”Gatewood said. “[But right now], we wanted to try it in a place where we could work quickly.”

Frames across the ocean

Travel holds keys that unlock a number of critical doors. 

UR senior confident “killer handjobs” deserve mention in study abroad reflection essay

What was originally just a brief mention of “extracurricular fun” gradually morphed into “getting absolutely wrung dry behind Club Catwalk.”

New Perspective: My study abroad experience during the Korean summer program

The experience of studying in a different country and culture than your own cannot be overemphasized. As someone who rarely…

Study Abroad or America Abroad?

America has reached an all-time high for the amount of college students sent abroad. In 2001, the government-sponsored Open Doors…

Senior Patak’s study abroad film selected as festival finalist

Armed with an affinity for video editing and a DSLR camera “indefinitely” stolen from his family and strapped to his…