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Take snow prisoners: I will murder you in a snowball fight

My snowball-induced reign of terror left me in a social tundra of my own creation, surrounded by icy silence and the accusatory stares of melting snowmen.

The Demon Girl Who Lives in the Tunnels: Satanic snowday!

Raised in the warm bowels of Hell, the coldest I ever got was when they blasted the AC in Hellementary School. But that doesn't mean I wasted my snow day!

Hell freezes over, campus stays open

Within the first day of Feldman’s presidency, temperatures plummeted over 30 degrees, freezing Rochester even deeper than the tunnels beneath the buildings.

“Embrace the suck” in winter, and life

Even when the weather gets bad (which it will—we all know Rochester’s snow is just waiting to wreak havoc), find new ways to appreciate your environment.

After recent crises, silence isn’t golden

The University's responses to the Gale House flooding and the recent snowstorm disappoint.

SA senators call for reevaluation of school snow day policies

With the snow from last week’s record snowstorm melting away, angered students are left to wonder—what happens next?

Record snowfall riles UR students

A record Rochester snowfall, travel warnings from Monroe County, school closings from seven neighboring institutions—and UR did not cancel undergraduate classes Tuesday.

There’s snow way it’s already here

I never understand why everyone is so happy for snow. For the seasoned veterans who have dealt with Rochester’s winters…