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Journal of a lonely student exposed, published in Museum of Natural History

The deepest caverns of my psyche are stuffed with gauzy, stringy globs of caterpillar silk and rendered inaccessible. Welcome to my twisted mind.

Ed Board recommends: Fun ways to ignore your problems

To celebrate what feels like the end of a year in isolation, the Editorial Board wanted to give a shout-out to the activities and entertainment that got us out of our heads while we were stuck in our homes.

Help! I can’t get rid of my quarantine body

People keep telling me to “get rid of my quarantine body,” and there’s only one explanation: I’ve been found out.

My drug-induced quarantine haze

Two weeks is a long time to spend alone with your thoughts. Maybe too long.

What it takes to survive University quarantine

First impressions are extremely important, and my quarantine room made the worst one yet.

Coping with quarantine

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, New York’s public health department requires all students arriving on campus from restricted states to quarantine for two weeks. 

The merits of growing your own herbs

In a fragmented system that demands impersonality, why not return some of that vigour to the self?