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Move In Weekend: A Sports Commentary

Let me tell you folks, this is a real intense batch. We’ve already seen some creative use of sidewalk space, such as one first year Chatheiryn Smith, who took up 30 square feet of the PepsiCo Plaza with her nucleo-mercury retrograde-enlightened crystal collection. 

New guidelines for campus as in-person classes resume

UR is trying to shift most aspects of university life back to campus, with a modified hybrid model requiring professors to accommodate students in isolation or quarantine, but prioritizing masked, in-person learning. 

UR revamps orientation to be mostly online

“The orientation this year is going well,” said sophomore Waleed Nadeem, one of the six orientation leaders. “We are doing it in the hybrid model, with both virtual and in-person. It’s a new experience, and we are trying to reimagine the events.”