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Committee approves Indigenous Studies cluster

An Indigenous Studies cluster centered on the Americas was unanimously approved by the College Curriculum Committee.

Presidential historian and author Michael Beschloss explains what makes a great president

While eating lunch with Richard Nixon at his home in 1992, historian and author Michael Beschloss asked what Nixon would…

Sue B’s carriage ride for coeducation

Half a year after women were officially admitted to UR, Susan B. Anthony would write in a letter to a friend: “I shall never regret that day’s labor."

Research Rochester: Polashenski uses digital media technology to preserve history

Polashenski’s immersion in the project offers her insights into the intimate details and personalities of the Seward family. “William Henry Seward’s dad is the funniest character in the family,” she said. “He constantly writes that he’s dying about 20 years before he actually dies to guilt his son into visiting him.”

Biographer Ron Chernow offers history and advice at Mel Weekend

Pulitzer-winning biographer Ron Chernow imparted historical perspective and life advice this past Mel Weekend, painting an unconventional but compelling portrait…