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COVID Semester in Review: Conduct

“Students should not be afraid […] to get help for themselves in a medical emergency,” Orton said. “We’re not trying to catch people; we’re trying to prevent it happening in the future.”

COVID Semester in Review: Quarantine and isolation

This year, when administrators talk about Q&I, they aren’t referring to the information desk at Evans Lam Square in Rush Rhees. They mean quarantine and isolation. 

COVID Semester in Review: Testing

“The only way you can say that we were really missing large numbers of infections is to hypothesize that [UR] students are endowed with magical powers and 90% of them when they’re infected never develop symptoms, and that’s absurd.”

COVID Semester in Review: How close were we to shutting down?

“I thought we had a good chance of going into a pause [last fall],” Director of Environmental Health & Safety and Coronavirus University Restart Team (CURT) co-chair Mark Cavanaugh said.

COVID Semester in Review: Dr. Chatbot

From mid September through late October, the percentage of students living on campus who filled it out hovered near 50% each day, reaching as low as 43.1%.