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A few things I look back on fondly from the asynchronous era

I admit that on some days I wish that I could just throw on a shirt, open my laptop, and instantly be in class again.

For better or for worse, “Donda” proves that Kanye West is once again on fire

With West fully returning to his default state of being a weird, attention-whoring asshole, I was fully convinced that significant work was on its way out of his camp.

A rainy day visit to Roc City Skatepark

When I noticed a skate park was being built under the highway on-ramp downtown, I was excited — not because I wanted to learn to skate (I’m a coward), but because a skate park is a perfect setting to facilitate the DIY charm of Rochester, acting as a sort of melting pot for people of all walks of life to bond over sick tricks and scraped up shins.

Revisiting ‘Superman for All Seasons’

“Superman For All Seasons” is a thoughtful, subtle, and frankly beautiful coming of age story for Superman.

A brief introduction to the yangqin

It was fascinating to learn about the yangqin and a joy to watch Wenzhuo perform on it from the comfort of my home this past Sunday.

Zack Snyder’s ‘Justice League’ clearly needs more slow motion

When I found out 10% of the film was in slow motion, I thought to myself, “Come on Zack, what the fuck? Why not make an hour of it in slow motion?"

The lessons I learned from running up that hill

It helped me wrap my head around difficult times, and the inevitable relief that usually waits just around the corner.

Chatting with Starbucks’ very own Ms. Mona

As synonymous as Starbucks is with a few warm, momentary reprieves from stress of our day-to-day grind, so is its manager Romona Gray — or just Mona for short. You’ve probably told her your order before, or if you’re a regular, she knew it as soon as she recognized your face. And when Mona’s not at the register taking drink orders or training new employees, she’s chatting and sharing a laugh with students.

My first weekend with PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5 is an awesome piece of tech with great games, and my first weekend with the thing was honestly unforgettable.

‘Pet Sounds’ is a testament to the vulnerability of growing up

The record is a monument to the hardships of growing up, and transforms the momentary pain of life into something permanent and sublime: a monument to our collective experience.