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Winter and summer sessions can’t just go on, business as usual

UR has chosen to allow expensive tuition to be a barrier, making winter session practically irrelevant for students on any sort of financial aid.

Mother nature is sending us a message, or worse, a warning

While we’re home during this pandemic, we have plenty of time to reflect on our actions.

Super Bowl halftime show is dangerously sensual

Let’s transform the halftime performance to entertainment that doesn’t promote sex, tight clothing, and pornography.

Kobe left his mark on a generation of athletes

Kobe Bryant is gone, but his legacy lives in the hearts and minds of those who watched him play.

Cannon shows early promise in Basketball

Eric Cannon proves his worth through skill and commitment in his first season for Men's Varsity Basketball.

Not all UR dorms are created equal

Students at UR tend to prioritize AC, hot water, or a soft-serve ice cream machine over whether a dorm will offer them a residential community.

Take “busy” off the pedestal

We are worsening our routines and encouraging others to do the same. We’ve internalized the idea that more work leads to more success.

Review of Nightmare Manor

The heavy iron doors were ice-cold  and seized up my hands completely. My friends and I followed the eerie dark…

Facebook and the future of democracy

On Oct. 5, the Politics and Markets Project hosted the “Facebook and the Future of Democracy” event as part of…

Mt. Hope cemetery review

We are outnumbered by the dead. In Mt. Hope Cemetery alone there are more dead people than living ones in…