The heavy iron doors were ice-cold  and seized up my hands completely. My friends and I followed the eerie dark path to the ticket booth.

We were buying tickets for Nightmare Manor, Rochester’s  3/4 of a mile long indoor haunted house, located in South Town Plaza on West Henrietta Road. The fare was not cheap: a whopping $20 per person.

Bruh! I barely had money to Uber to the haunted house, and these people wanted me to pay $20 dollars. Luckily, it was $16 for students — still, this better be worth it. 

Tickets in hand, we were directed to Frankenstein, a tall and ominous figure who thrashed his arms and collected our tickets. My heart raced as we haltingly entered the gothic style door that looked like an entrance to a dungeon.

Immediately, there was a chill in the air. We were in a restaurant-themed area with dim lighting, and a butler popped out of nowhere to welcome us — a delightful yet frightening introduction. She directed us to enter the curtains and laughed at us. We ventured on, wary of jump-scares and ominous sightings. The haunt offered a safe and energetic experience, filled with multiple twists, turns, and various themes including the Nest, Undead Zone, Hillbilly Hell, Dr. Limon’s Manor, The Crypt, and Sinister Sewer. 

Man oh man, does the Crypt brings back haunting memories — a bone-chilling and disturbing atmosphere.

If you are the type that fears jump scares, do not worry because the house does not feature many. Instead the actors relied on tactics like creeping dialogue and sound effects. Friends definitely help alleviate the tension, but do not be fooled because there may be sections where clowns or even hillbillies corner you and separate you from the only friends that can save you. The actors are not allowed to touch you, so do not be scared that you will be physically harmed in any way.

During our final challenge in the haunted house, we could barely see, and the light source was a tunnel with colorful lights. An actor with hair covering her face and hunched on all fours stared at us, laughing subtly. My friends and I thought this was the most terrifying part of the experience.

Throughout our journey we never knew exactly where we were, and the uncharted territory made the experience more thrilling. For instance, at one point, we traveled from a wood-lined scene to an empty biomechanical chamber before returning to a hillbilly hollow. Giving the actors free reign over their domains, and the ability to follow you and return back to their respective domains, makes this truly an exhilarating experience. 

As confident as I was in the beginning, it meant nothing. Screaming and yelling throughout, not knowing if I was going to survive, I barely managed to complete the full haunted house.

This is truly an attraction you do not want to miss. I urge UR students to check this haunted house in Rochester, especially during this Halloween season.


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