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I don’t feel beautiful

I love the idea of body positivity. However, it’s almost impossible to love every part of your body all the time.

It’s okay to uninvite yourself

I have major FOMO — fear of missing out. The worst part is, I have FOMO for things I don’t even want to do.

Stop saying sorry

From a young age, I was taught to apologize when I did something wrong. But why am I apologizing for something that isn’t my fault?

TikTok’s glorification of eating disorders

Self-love isn’t always realistic; self-acceptance is much better.

I actually think my parents are good parents

Some people think that there is a perfect method of parenting. I don’t believe that.

You can still wear your skinny jeans

With trends moving at breakneck speed, we’re buying more clothes and wearing them for less time. But do we even have to follow trends?

Bring back Grubhub

Food poisoning. 20-minute lines. No available tables. These have been the realities of dining options at UR both this and last semester.

Raised for success: the toxicity of being the best, all the time

Maybe we focus more on the few failures because they're outliers. Or maybe people want to see them fail because they can’t fathom their success.

Finding home

I was suspended in limbo — neither Rochester nor my hometown was truly “home.”