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Murk-y encounters: re-evaluating fashion and AIDS

A revision of views on fashion design for AIDS fundraising.

Consumer activism: A fashion fraud?

[caption id="attachment_14927" align="alignleft" width="270" caption="Courtesy of"][/caption] I’m a big fan of the tribal look. My personal utopia would involve…

Rain boots this Spring: fashion friend or faux-pas?

[caption id="attachment_14652" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="Courtesy of"][/caption] Look down. Look at your shoes. Look up. Is it sunny and gorgeous?…

Relaxed Chic: How to feel comfortable this spring

[caption id="attachment_14436" align="alignleft" width="300" caption=""][/caption] After a much-needed trip to the mall over spring break, I noticed something different about…

Wardrobe exhaustion: adapting to the seasons

What to do when your wardrobe is exhausted for the winter seasons.

Back from the future: nineties fashion in the millenium

An exploration of why nineties' fashion has appeared on the 2011 runway.

A flock of controversy over the fashion of ‘Black Swan’

An examination of the costume and fashion in the movie "The Black Swan".

Reality Chic: economic adversity versus fashion

A look at the functionality, affordability and feasibility of high fashion on the runway and on the streets.

The statement neck piece: a winter alternative

A student studies winter fashion, particularly focusing on winter wear.

Vogue’s ‘best dressed’ list invokes wealth and mad money

Blake Lively was recently named Vogue’s Best Dressed Woman of the Year. Somewhere an angel lost its wings and face-planted to Earth. Or was that my confidence in American Vogue shattering into a thousand crystalline pieces that not even Riccardo Tisci could work into a couture gown?