After a much-needed trip to the mall over spring break, I noticed something different about my shopping methods this spring. There was a real lack of squeezing into skirts, sucking into restricting tops or ultra-slim pedal-pushers. That is not to say that there aren’t plenty enough skin-tight spring looks to go around, but I did not feel a draw to them.

Instead, I found myself investing in light sweaters and hoodies of heather blue or navy, linen harem pants, basic tees and, for a kicker, a bar of scented soap.

This is all to say that this spring, for me at least, seems to beg for a return to basics. Clean and comfy is the direction I’m heading. Simplicity is key.

I’m unsure whether this is fuelled on a purely personal level or if there is a more global charge in the fashion community that is leaning towards comfy chic.  As always, the fall runways featured some lines that leaned toward a more practical sportswear approach and some that focused on the more extravagant and thematic — more glitter and gold than cotton and denim.

Even Chanel’s last runway, albeit in the fall, was relaxed — with its rampant variation on the basic black bootie, slouchy denim and cuffed trousers. Of course the color scheme for spring would be entirely different: White should replace black, and colors should be bold. Black booties are not the most desirable after months of trekking around in boots, but nude-colored ones, perhaps with cut-outs or peep-toes, are at the top of my list.

I suppose what I’m suggesting is that color and texture are taking precedence for spring, as opposed to tailoring and decoration. I’m half-saying this to myself, but it is completely acceptable to wear loose pants or blouses. The go-to skinny jeans are in the safe zone, but I’ve been seeing more boot-cuts, boyfriends, relaxed fits — the list of styles goes on.

I feel there is a pressure, at times, to wear tights and heels, anything with a belt-cinched waist or other options that, on cold early mornings, are not the most appealing. But I find relaxed chic can sometimes be the most effortless route to take. Listening to your body’s occasional call for a color block tee with jeans and converse is something to be encouraged.

As for the bar of scented soap, maintaining bodily hygiene is an issue sort of taken for granted in a style column. On the other hand, adding a luxury to your daily shower routine can give you a lift. Feeling content in your own skin is of the utmost importance, especially when you let yourself slip into something a little more comfortable.

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the class of 2012.

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