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The Tale of the Hunchback of Rush Rhees

He’d never even eaten a Pringle before.

Comics of the week

"Might as well sign me up for a 401K"

Learning from rejection

We pride ourselves on creating a brotherhood of increasing physical and mental fortitude.

Intro to Home Economics, for Business Majors

"Week 1: Cooking - Students will learn how to crack open an egg and use an oven."

Comic: Head voices

"What is this, Charlie and the chocolate fairy?"

Comic: Get tested, kids

"Bro they sent me my test results!"

Comic: Mid-term crises

It's all downhill from here.

Comic: Love from, UHS

It's called "creating demand."

Help! My professor is an AI

It all began to add up. I wondered if it was possible for the University to outsource our learning to an AI that was capable of teaching a course.