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NJR invites students to meet bands, should have planned as well as practiced

NJR's "Meet the Ensembles" performance was musically sound, but poorly organized

‘Glee’ characters go from annoying to downright unlikeable in new episode

"Glee" seems to care little about what its fans think of its characters, resulting in an unrelatable group of people who are so cruel to each other it hardly seems worth spending the time on.

Louvre show sparks emotional response with technique and charisma

The Louvre Performance Ensemble's most recent performance, entitled "IMPACT," played off the idea of important moments that shape your life, but perhaps could have handled the theme with a bit more subtlety

Newest ‘HIMYM’ episode continues potential final season’s downward spiral

"How I Met Your Mother" continues to disappoint with it's latest installment, focusing on the end of Ted and Victoria's relationship, and the beginning of Barney and Brover's.

‘Music from Another Dimension’ tries to please all, thrills none

Aerosmith's latest albums is a roller coaster-- the highs are incredibly high, but the lows sink lower than ever.

Pride Network’s fall show is anything but a drag despite limited attendance

UR Pride Network's Fall Drag show was a resounding hit, thanks to the enthusiasm and performing prowess of the drag queens and kings.

New ‘NCIS’ episode overcomes lackluster plot

Hit crime procedural "NCIS" is still going strong in it's 10th season, but it's not thanks to the writers-- it's all down to the actors.

‘Paranormal Activity 4’ fails to find originality and fright

"Paranormal Activity 4" suffers from an affliction that strikes many horror sequels: lack of new ideas

‘B—- in Apartment 23’ moves from occasionally funny to stand-out comedy

"Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23" returned to our television screens on Tuesday, and it's better than ever

CT Recommends: BriTANick

CT Recommends: BriTANick, the incredibly funny, internet-based comedic duo known for hits like "Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer" and "A Monologue for Thee"