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You might have seen their video “Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer,” but if that’s all you’ve seen, you should know that the comedy duo BriTANick (rhymes with Titanic), composed of Brian McElhaney and Nick Kocher, has so much more to offer. At the moment, they have almost thirty videos on their website, and every single one is hilarious. Make sure you have some time to spare before you start watching though — trust me, you’ll get addicted.

With videos like “The Nine Ways to Treat a Woman,” “Sexual Roleplay” and “A Monologue for Thee” (which also has a sequel, “A Monologue for Three,” featuring “Community’s” Danny Pudi), their comedic range is incredibly varied. They mock everything, from religion to the movie “A Christmas Story,” and it’s all genius. What’s even better is how these videos get made. Nick and Brian first met at a performing arts camp before shipping off to New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. After they graduated in 2008, they decided they didn’t want to do anything with their degrees but make awesome videos for YouTube. And really, isn’t that every college student’s dream? Hold out hope, slackers. Success may be in your future.

There’s something genuinely refreshing about watching things that aren’t only funny, but genuinely clever and well-done on the Internet. Are the jokes occasionally stupid? Of course. They’re a comedy duo. More often than not, though, the jokes are well thought out, have basis in popular culture and appeal to a wide audience — which means that watching their videos is never a waste of time.

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