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2020 NFL draft is unpredictably predictable

The NFL draft went as smoothly as one could have hoped despite the looming possibility of a postponed season.

NFL players consider their future in negotiations with team owners

The NFL players association will soon vote yes or no on a deal that determines the future of the league. What are the costs and benefits?

Why I choose to not support the D.C. football team

Hometown loyalties are less important than standing against racist imagery.

Cez Says: The corporate side of professional sports

When I mention  the New York Yankees and JPMorgan Chase & Co., you probably think of them very differently. While…

Women’s Cross Country ends strong season with 18th place NCAA III finish

The UR Women’s Cross Country team is headed to the NCAA III Championship hosted in Louisville, KY after a 4th place finish in the regional meet. 

Field hockey’s Liberty League championship overshadows early NCAA exit

In a span of five days, UR Field Hockey went from a Liberty League victory to a nail-biting NCAA DIII…

Cez Says: We need standards in fandom

How do we define fandom? Is it simply supporting a team, or does it run deeper than that? How do…

Damian Lillard is better than Shaq… at rapping

A couple weeks ago, NBA player Damian Lillard and Shaquille O’Neal engaged in a rap battle, and it’s clear that…

Cez Says: Steph Curry is already a future Hall of Fame

Michael Jordan, arguably the best basketball player ever l, believes that Stephen Curry is not yet a Hall of Fame-worthy…

Cez Says: Sports aren’t more violent, we’re just smarter

Concussions, broken bones, and torn tendons; gruesome injuries have become a major part of sports. But a closer look at…