Michael Jordan, arguably the best basketball player ever l, believes that Stephen Curry is not yet a Hall of Fame-worthy player. He is wrong.  

Curry, the current point guard for the Golden State Warriors, is one of the most decorated players in the NBA, and arguably the best shooter of all time. His accolades include three NBA Championships, two MVPs, and six NBA All-Star appearances. His time with the Warriors has been one of the most dominant dynasties in NBA history. The team has made the NBA Finals every year since 2015 and has won three titles.

There are 178 players in the NBA Hall of Fame, so it would be pointless to compare Curry to all of them but let’s pick just one. The 2018 Hall of Fame class includes Ray Allen, a player with a shooting ability comparable to Curry’s. Allen, best known for saving Lebron James and the Miami Heat in the 2013 NBA Finals, was an extremely talented player, but still pales in comparison to Steph Curry. Both of Allen’s NBA Championships came while he was only the second or third scoring option on the team, and despite his insane three-point shooting ability, he still is worse than Steph Curry in almost every statistical category. So, logically, if Ray Allen is a Hall of Fame player, Stephen Curry is a shoe-in. 

Even without comparing Curry to current Hall of Fame players, his resume holds something shared by only 13 players in the history of the game: multiple MVP awards. Winning a single MVP award  merits Hall of Fame consideration, but winning multiple makes it a no-brainer. On top of that, in the 2015-16 season, Curry is the only player to ever be unanimously voted as MVP. Regardless of how the rest of his career goes, Curry’s current accolades should already support the undeniable fact that he is a Hall of Fame player. 

Michael Jordan is one of the best players ever; but that doesn’t give him the right to devalue another player. If anyone was comparing him to Curry, then he would have reason to express his opinion,but this is not the case. Curry, in his response, never said anything about Jordan but focused on self-improvement. He expressed that he is never complacent, and believes that he is in the HOF conversation, but still has more to give to the league and his team. 

Unsurprisingly, many players, coaches, and fans of the sport had opinions on the statement and almost all disagreed with Jordan. Warriors Coach Steve Kerr, Jordan’s former teammate, expressed that Jordan has his own perception of what Hall of Fame caliber means. NBA great Magic Johnson expressed his belief that Jordan was worried about being fined by the League for commenting on current players as a general manager. Regardless of Jordan’s opinion, it is clear that everyone else seems to agree thatCurry will one day be inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame.


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