Allie Tay
Class of 2025

Articles by Allie

How to anti-stalk someone in 10 steps

Expect the unexpected. Who would be in the stacks on a Friday evening? WRONG. This mentality is shortsighted.

Ultra-popular Mock Trial Timekeeper app was made by UR student

At scrimmages and tournaments, teams’ timekeepers have been using the app — and on the analytics end, the app has over 1,800 downloads.

Spill the T(ay)!: On being the last puzzle piece

As I grew and moved, the fictional and real worlds I tended to held a stark contrast — there were no more bus-best-friends, no boy next door.

Note on the Israel-Palestine Special Edition

Free and open discourse is the bedrock of a vibrant society, and we aimed to help contributors feel empowered to speak their minds with confidence.

America is divided, but Judy Woodruff remains optimistic

Television news pioneer Judy Woodruff dove into the good, the bad, the ugly — and the future — of U.S. politics at Meliora Weekend on Oct. 7.

A slice of home at AASU and TSA’s Night Market

For kids like me who grew up spending summers back in their parents’ hometown overseas, the Night Market was a slice of my heritage hidden in plain sight.

An open letter to junior year

I made a bulleted list. Why? To convince myself that if I’ve survived what I deem pretty damn miserable, I can really do anything.

A chat with engineers on the engineering superiority complex

Complaining to a friend about your upcoming philosophy paper due? Well, actually, shut up, because listen, they’re an engineer, and they’ve probably spent more hours of their lives on their weekly problem sets than you have sleeping.

Spill the T(ay)!: I rely on my headphones more than I should

For me, plugging in and tuning out is the solution: It feels productive, or at least more productive than walking in silence.

Drag Charity Show: out and proud on campus

The event to aimed to bring visibility to ongoing LGBTQ+ youth issues throughout the Rochester area.