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Alumni support student athletics, on and off the field

Being on a sports team has a number of obvious benefits for when students are here on campus: as an…

UR Robotics: Developing applicable technology

Long after most people have left for the weekend, a handful of students sit bent over keyboards and textbooks in…

25 hour gaming marathon plays through time change for charity

At 8 a.m. on Nov. 2, 22 students filed into ITS. Each carried a computer; some held a laptop while…

Urban explorers catch glimpse of Rochester’s past

Wedged between Orchard and Lyell Avenues, just northwest of downtown Rochester, are the remnants of a once thriving industrial park.…

Ode to the disposable camera

If you are a frequenter of bar parties, you may know me as the miserable looking girl clutching a large,…

“Show this to no one”: The Keidaean Society exposed

Each year, select members of the junior class are tapped to become members of The Keidaean Society, a secret society honoring those who have contributed to many facets of campus life.

Social issues in social media

Many of the people who jump on these bandwagons make it their mission to defend issues they often know little about.

Bring back SA airport shuttles

[caption id="attachment_63472" align="alignleft" width="300"] Courtesy of[/caption] For many students, the airport shuttles provided by the Students’ Association (SA) Projects…

Group creates space for discussion

The Homeland Dialogue Initiative's panel discusses and explores Israel-Palestine conflict.

A closer look at Cuomo

While Cuomo's budget plan is detailed, on track to be on-time, and fairly comprehensive while adding no new taxes, his method of delivery left much to be desired from a research standpoint.