The Campus Times would like to issue a correction to the article titled “Meliora Weekend speaker’s alleged transphobia sparks controversy, University response” which was posted on Oct. 1, 2023.

In the article, a comment was incorrectly attributed to Karen Chance Mercurius by reporter Alyssa Koh. That comment was as follows: “Adichie is still slated to speak during Meliora Weekend – and she has garnered both support and opposition alike, according to Mercurius.”

This comment was actually made by Provost David Figlio, who was quoted later in the article, in an email to the Campus Times.

Koh also was not explicit in emails with Mercurius that the article topic was directly related to Adichie rather than Meliora Weekend in general.

As a result of this error, the article has been retracted from the CT‘s website, and the CT will be working to ensure more diligent coverage of the controversy moving forward.

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