From the title, you probably think you’re about to read a piece of satire about how ”awesome” college is. After all, college can be very demanding — a mountain load of assignments all due at the same time, 10-plus page papers, and difficult exams. I get it. 

But actually, the title isn’t satirical at all. Often, we college students complain endlessly about all of the things we hate about college. And sure, college is really stressful and there are some aspects I don’t like. But for once, I’d like to focus on the positives of being a college student.

The first thing I truly enjoy about being a college student is that I get to take classes that actually interest me. It isn’t like high school where you’re mandated to take the same core classes as everyone else because of the district curriculum. In college, learning doesn’t feel like a chore to me anymore because I actually get to design my schedule to my interests.

Here, there are so many different fields to study. We have many fields of departments that aren’t offered at other universities, such as Japanese. There are also many interesting classes that can be taken just for fun — classes about anime, the horror genre, and even witchery. There are so many opportunities to learn about topics unrelated to your major or minor.

The community at the University is also very important to me. We are all suffering here but we are all suffering together. The college experience is so much more bearable due to this community. I know I can vent to any fellow college student about the stress my assignments are causing and they will always understand.  

The fun activities and clubs are also a plus. The campus carnivals, holiday markets, and concerts give us something to look forward to as we struggle our way through our classes. And the plethora of club activities — like the Campus Times — make college life all the more exciting.

The University presents us with so many unique opportunities as well. We are encouraged to study abroad, which allows students to experience student life in another country and dive into other cultures in the process. Additionally, internships offered through the University are a great way for students to get experience in their field before they graduate, and maybe even land a job prior to graduation. 

However, my most favorite part of being a college student is delaying the inevitable: becoming an actual adult. I personally like the idea of being able to enjoy life without worrying about too many expenses. My loan payments are a problem for the future me. And not having to go through the stress of job interviews just yet is also very relieving.  

So although there are a lot of negatives of college — and I mean a lot — there are also a lot of positives. I know that when I graduate, I’m going to miss being a college student.

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