UR dining offers so many amazing options, from the cost-effective and conveniently located Hillside Market to the fully cooked, deliciously seasoned food in Danforth and Douglass. Whenever you’re hungry, you’ll always find the best options at UR! 

Have food allergies? Not a problem! UR has plenty of options! There’s nothing better than asking for the allergen-free sauce at the allergy-friendly station in Danforth only to be told by the cook that nothing’s allergy friendly! And it’s so revolutionary that Douglass offers an allergy-free station, too. Wouldn’t you love to eat tacos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

But one of my favorite options is the chicken in Danforth. It always has the perfect texture. Crunchy on the outside, squishy and wet on the inside! Trust me on this one. The chicken is so good, you’ll be digesting it for days! 

What I also love about the UR dining experience, is that I pay for food that I am unable to take out of the dining hall. Students need to understand that just because you pay for the food, doesn’t mean it’s yours! It’s still the school’s property until that food goes down your esophagus. When asked about food-smuggling, University President Sarah Mangelsdorf stated, “Students have the option of eating the food they paid for with their not-at-all-expensive meal plan in the dining hall, or throwing it in the trash.” When questioned about how wasteful that was, and why students aren’t allowed to leave with the food they paid for, Mangelsdorf declined to comment.

To avoid backlash from the student body, Mangelsdorf introduced a new system called the “UR Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Program.” If students don’t finish the food on their plate, they can bring it to what she called the “Community Table.” Instead of getting a fresh meal, students may choose to consume recycled food of their fellow students to help combat food waste. Food left on the Community Table at the end of the day will be recycled back into the kitchen to make meals for the following day. When questioned about how unsanitary this program was, Mangelsdorf responded, “Do you want me to limit waste or care for the welfare of my students? I can’t do both.”

Another amazing place to get food on campus is Hillside Market. The food is always 100% fresh. “I’ve never eaten anything at Hillside that was expired,” one student said. “My favorite are the fresh salads,” another student said. “The slippery and wilted lettuce is delicious.”

As you can see, there are so many amazing dining options at UR. Whether you’re looking to help combat waste by enjoying your fellow students’ food, or just looking for a quality, fresh meal, UR has it all!

“We do our best to provide our students with the finest dining options,” Mangelsdorf stated at a recent press conference. “We’re currently ranked #45 in the Top Universities with Food Poisoning nationwide. That’s pretty low.” 

This is your cue to stop wasting money on GrubHub and start utilizing the delicious dining options at UR! 

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