A new work-study program called “Strip for Scholarship” was recently announced, thanks to a grant co-funded by the Humanities for Life Internship, the Interfraternity Council, the Interfaith Chapel, and the Department of Gender, Sexuality, and Women Studies. “Strip for Scholarship” will officially begin in Fall 2021. 

The “Strip for Scholarship” program application will open on April 12, and will be available to all undergraduate students. Applicants will have to write an essay, complete an interview, and submit a video of them reenacting the Tom Holland “Umbrella” Lip Sync Battle performance. 

The funding allows for 28 spots a year. Once accepted, the cohort, called Honey Beez, will undergo an eight week training and seminar program. The training will include Pole Dancing 101 taught by the girl who always latches herself to the pole in the basement of AEPi, Dirty Dancin’ by SALSEROS, Yoga through the Dance Department, and Costuming by Drama House. 

Seminars will be offered through the Department of Gender, Sexuality, and Women Studies, on fair minimum wages, URBee and Me, the Salem Witch Trials, “How to Be a Leader in the Workplace,” the ERA, “Sex in the City,” Intersectionality, Sex and Power, Feminism through the Industrial Revolution, “Sex in the City 2,” Women in WW2, and the “Sex in the City” reboot without Samantha, and Sex in Shakespeare. 

Reactions from UR students have been quite positive. Sophomore Juliana Mistz was very supportive of the scholarship. “Wait, you’re telling me that if I became a stripper, I could graduate debt free? As in, I could potentially not suffer through large amounts of debt and be able to afford a house in my lifetime, and all I have to do is learn how to dance and do acrobatics? Sign me up!” 

Cody Phhatt, a junior and a member of the football team, reacted excitedly to the news. “So all the times I have seen ‘Magic Mike’ AND ‘Magic Mike XXL’ will finally be useful? Like, I know the entire mirror routine, I know I can bring it!” 

And there’s nothing wrong with it! You get a killer workout, get paid, and look good while doing it! Laurel Fentz, a senior studying biology with aspirations to go medical school, has participated in pole dancing at a local club since her sophomore year, and finds catharsis in her profession. 

“After a rough orgo exam, I could let go of all my worries for an hour or two, have fun doing cool acrobatic tricks on a pole, and get money thrown at me,” Fentz said. “Who doesn’t want money thrown at them? Also, if I get into medical school, I will be going debt free from undergraduate from what I have earned from my side gig. I’m already ahead of the competition in the game of life.” 

College debt is the real villain. And yes, stripping will probably pay your debt off faster! In fact, stripping will pay you better than working a restaurant gig, the Wilson Commons Starbucks (even with that crisp $14.00/hour wage), or a desk job on campus. Pay for those textbooks by getting booked at the local strip club! 

AND THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING A STRIPPER! In fact, you, the person reading this article, would probably do it if you had the talent and confidence! Because stripping takes skill and hard work! To make bread you need to be able to bake bread. 

For more information about the program, you can email rockyshowlounge@ur.rochester.edu.

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