This week, I decided to raise the bar with CT Eats and try out a classier, more luxurious, decadent experience than usual. Embracing my inner Squilliam Fancyson, I put on my fancy heels (as opposed to the more casual heels that I sport daily) and headed into Roux on Park Ave. 

Roux is a modern French eatery full of class and sophistication. I was absolutely in love with the interior, which features a modern, romantic mix of metal and wood pieces finished with warm lighting, tea candles, a gorgeous wooden feature bar, and smooth music.

Since I unfortunately had to turn 21 in quarantine, this outing marked my first time going out and ordering an adult beverage for myself. Woo! I decided to party it up with “The Frenchie:” vodka, cremant, and lemon topped off with lavender sorbet. The drink was a gorgeous ombre of vibrant pink and purple with a yellow layer at the bottom. It was bubbly, sweet, and floral. And the lavender sorbet on top was absolutely to die for. The lavender flavor was extremely bright and intensely herbal, but perfectly balanced with sweetness. I didn’t even want to mix it in with the drink, as suggested; I just wanted to eat a gallon of it all alone and call it a night.

Camembert and jam, a combo of sweet, creamy, and tart.

If I were to call it a night, however, then I would have had the great misfortune of missing out on all the scrummy food to come. As an appetizer, we ordered the camembert and jam, which featured crispy fresh bread paired with sweet, creamy camembert cheese and a fresh sweet and tart fruity jam. This combination of flavors and textures was so decadent without being heavy or filling: perfect for an appetizer that will truly appetize you and get your mouth watering for your main course.

For the first of our two shared entrees, we had the crispy fried fish, which was fried halibut served with summer slaw and rooster mayo. The batter on the fish was light and crispy, very flavorful, and perfectly salted. And the fish inside was beautifully moist and flaky. The rooster mayo on the side packed a spicy punch that paired well with the light, sweet fish and the cool, crisp, fresh, acidic summer slaw. Overall, I found this dish to be perfectly balanced in terms of flavors and textures. There were so many contrasting complementary elements that made each bite a complex delight.

The crispy fried fish was a delightful balance of textures and flavors

We also had the pleasure of dining on the duck leg confit, served with stone fruit, pickled cherries, and frisee. The duck meat was very moist and just melted apart into a rich,mouth-watering flavor.The skin on the outside ⁠— though well seasoned ⁠— could have had a slightly better sear and been a bit crispier. Personally, I found it a bit too soft and fatty in places. The side salad featured fresh, peppery frisee and fresh, sweet tomatoes in a sweet acidic dressing. This acidic salad paired with the sweet, tart, and salty pickled cherries worked in perfect harmony with the rich, fatty duck. Another dish with really wonderful balance. 

At this point, I was definitely feeling satisfied and perfectly full, but my date thankfully reminded me that there is always room for dessert, so we journeyed on to tackle the vanilla bean creme brulee. My only note for this one would be that I was expecting vanilla bean flavor to be a bit more bold. However, the fact that it tasted like plain vanilla simply countered my expectations; it absolutely did not make the custard any less delicious. The texture of the custard was beautifully thick and silky, and the bruleed sugar layer on top was exactly the perfect thinness and crispness. Creme brul-yay, am I right? This dish is certainly here to creme brul-stay! I think I’m losing my mind here daydreaming about this meal again, oh gee…

A classic creme brûlée with a twist of vanilla.

Anyhow, I’ve been wanting to check out Roux for years, and I am so pleased that I finally got around to it. The food is definitely pricey, but I would not say overpriced. The quality of ingredients is superb, so you certainly get your money’s worth. I would absolutely recommend it as a romantic date location, a place for a special celebratory meal, or a restaurant to take your family to when they’re in town and will pay for your food. 

I thoroughly enjoyed everything that I had the pleasure of trying at Roux, and I wish that I could have tried the million other menu items that piqued my interest. Maybe next time. I would say there is always more room for Roux!

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