The first Rochester resident to test positive for COVID-19 took a Greyhound bus on Tuesday from New York City to Rochester, WXXI reported on Friday.

This contradicts an earlier interview with WXXI in which the patient said he rode to Rochester from John F. Kennedy International Airport in the trunk of a car. In fact, he told WXXI on Friday, he rode in the trunk of a car only from a Rochester train station to his house after the bus had dropped him off. 

The patient — who said he is a resident of the 19th Ward neighborhood — said to WXXI on Friday that he told the Center for Disease Control the whole truth of the matter from the start.

At a press conference Thursday about the patient’s arrival to Rochester, Monroe County Executive Adam Bello said that the risk of contracting the new coronavirus in Rochester is low. In that same press conference, Monroe County Public Health Commissioner Michael Mendoza said that the patient had taken “ground transportation” from New York City to Rochester, but offered no further details. 

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