Meliora Weekend, that annual carnival of concerts, ferris wheels, and older people in the midst of nostalgia. In honor of the weekend, we went around and interviewed people on the less fun parts of the celebrations. 

What was your most annoying Meliora Weekend moment? 


Katelynn Gebhart (senior): “When I used to live on the quad and everything would be really noisy at random hours. There was this level of, like, you’re waking up to music, that’s kind of really cool, and then there’s the other level of, like, I stayed up way too late working and I really wanted to sleep in.”




Jacob Henley (first-year): “I guess how crowded it was, ‘cause there were so many parents and all the cars and stuff. To get to my friend’s car we had to walk through so many cars. All the parking spaces were taken up, so that was kind of frustrating. And just, I guess, the overall crowdedness of the dining halls and Wilco and stuff. But it wasn’t too bad.” 



Sabastian Ayimbila (senior): “I didn’t really do anything. I just went to the concert on Friday in the Palestra. There was an a cappella jam. So I went to watch my friends because they were performing. We were trying to go in, and then there [were] people at the door like, ‘You really have to pay.’ We’re like, ‘We’re just going in for literally two minutes. We are going to see our friends.’ So they made us pay to enter, we entered, our friends finished their performance in two minutes, we came back.” 


Shagun Bose (senior): “I landed from Orlando yesterday […] We didn’t even get out of the plane and [my friends] called an Uber because they wanted to get those giveaway shirts. I think that’s a little bit annoying because it’s like, for a class of 1,000, don’t have 200 giveaway shirts, you know? Don’t make us wait for hours. If it’s a tradition, then make it a bit more fun […] My friends sent us pictures of people just waiting in the Athletic Center for hours, in line, for a 15 minute giveaway […] I’m like wow, the school only cares about the first 200 of us.” 



Paul Mokrzycki (senior): “We couldn’t find parking.” 

Alessandra DiMauro (senior): “Biking around golf carts. I was biking on campus on Friday and nearly got run over by a golf cart.”  

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