UR Women’s Lacrosse (URWL) suffered a disappointing defeat against the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Tigers Friday in its last home game of the regular season.

A late-game goal by the Tigers could not stop the ‘Jackets, as even with under a minute remaining in the game, senior Jamie Wallisch and Danielle Diacovo were able to score two goals to narrow the gap between the two teams.

But in the end it proved too little too late, and the final result was a 11–9 loss.

The game followed a short ceremony in which the RIT and UR seniors on the lacrosse teams were recognized, an event that included URWL players presenting RIT seniors with flowers.

The first period seemed to go fairly well for the ‘Jackets, despite a goal by RIT less than three minutes in. Throughout the first period, the ‘Jackets kept the pressure on the Tigers. Wallisch and freshman Jamison Seabury both took advantage of openings to score a combined four goals in the first period. Freshman Maggie McKenna also had a goal in the first period.

Despite the pressure from the ‘Jackets, the Tigers kept the score close. Throughout the first period, the two teams stayed within a point, and the period ended with both teams tied at five.

The second period proved more difficult for the ‘Jackets as pressure from the Tigers mounted. Shortly after the Tigers scored their first goal for the period, Seabury was in action, making a quick goal about 40 seconds after the draw.

Despite the best efforts of the ‘Jackets, the Tigers were able to pull ahead, aided by two free-position goals, to take a 10–6 lead.

The ‘Jackets were determined to not give up and made a strong effort to mount a comeback. Fueled by a free-position goal from Wallisch, the ‘Jackets put additional pressure on the Tigers, saving several free-position shots on goal and making a few shots of their own.

URWL players were disappointed by the results, but optimistic about the team’s overall potential.

“It was definitely a hard loss because I think that we were the better team,” Seabury said. “We had a few unlucky shots that if they had gone in the game could have been completely different. I’m so proud of how we ended the game; that last few minutes is how our team can perform.”

Wallisch also took an optimistic approach to the games ahead, pointing to the team’s strong performance throughout the season.

“For our team, it was a great learning experience,” she said. “This season has been tough and enlightening, with adversity and difficulties. This has been the most cohesive team I’ve been on at UR, and our record has to show for it.”

Wallisch and Seabury respectively scored four and three goals. Wallisch alone took eleven shots, nearly half of the team total; this is the highest number of shots taken by Wallisch in any game this season.

Wallisch and Seabury additionally accounted for 60 percent of won draws for the ‘Jackets. This was the highest number of draws won by Seabury in her career with URWL.

Looking to the future, Wallisch had some advice for her teammates.

“Stay loud, proud, and positive,” she said. “Enjoy every moment, have fun, and as our assistant coach always says, ‘Play fearless.’”

The ‘Jackets will be finishing up their regular season next weekend with a game on the 28th at William Smith College and a game on the 29th at Union College.

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