In today’s column, I talk about a hot music video producer who goes by the Twitter handle @LILINTERNET. This artistic genius has produced music videos for Beyonce, Boys Noize, and Diplo. Talk about prolific. You can check out his music videos on his Tumblr page, I’m here to talk about his Twitter, though, in which he shares so many wonderfully fresh insights on the state of the U.S.

       @LILINTERNET has these absolutely brilliant tidbits to share about some of the bad vibes in this country right now. In one of my favorite tweets he wrote, “WE NEED MAINSTREAM DISCUSSION RE: TREND OF MASS SHOOTINGS BEING SYMPTOMATIC OF MASS DEREALIZATION FROM THE SIMULATION’S INCREASING DOMINANCE.”

When I read this tweet, I felt like “Oh my God this is so true!” The tweet goes: “WHOEVER CONTROLS THE NARRATIVE CONTROLS THE PEOPLE.” @LILINTERNET is great because he’s not just a cultural analyst, but he knows how to shut down fakes without being hateful and mean. I love his tweet goes like this: “NOTHINGS MORE PATHETIC THAN COOL GUYS’ SELF-ENFORCED BOREDOM AT THE OFFICE PARTY. U WENT CORPORATE- OWN IT & HAVE FUN & BE GOOD TO UR PEERS.”

       What I love most about @LILINTERNET is that, though his message can sometimes be scary, he doesn’t blame large groups of people and he always has an overall positive message. @LILINTERNET is frustrated at the world, like me, but he doesn’t run to any one politician, nor does he run away from any politician, in order to dissolve cognitive dissonance. He lives by the values of kindness and respect.

       @LILINTERNET puts himself before the mainstream script, but the crucial distinction between him and the alt-right is that he doesn’t convert his individualism into hatred. In one tweet he revealed how absurd it is that alt-right kids will call you a social justice warrior (SJW) if you don’t support Trump, but if you say you don’t support Trump and aren’t an SJW, the alt-right kids are unable to compute how this is possible.

     @LILINTERNET helps me see that maybe navigating this brave new world just takes a new kind of wisdom. Part of this wisdom, as I see it, comes from acknowledging the infinite grey areas that exist between polarities which the media shoves down our throat. He also makes me think that the system is rigged as a big game against us. But don’t get me wrong, I’m no Trump supporter—he’s a total mouth-breather!

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