Joywave has officially confirmed it will be playing in ROC4TIM on Dec. 3 at Anthology on East Ave.

In an earlier Rochester appearance this fall, Joywave played at UR in mid-September. The concert, the first event to be held in the new Frederick Douglass Building’s renovated second-floor ballroom, was packed with enthusiastic crowds.

This time around, Joywave won’t reappear at the University, but will instead play in downtown Rochester, their home city.

The ROC4TIM fundraising event is the Rochester music community’s response to local event promoter Tim Avery’s recent diagnosis of stage-3 cancer.

In addition to Joywave, Secret Pizza (Avery’s band), Mikaela Davis, KOPPS, Harmonica Lewinski, Leus Zeus, King Buffalo, and the Demos are set to play. Additional musical guests are anticipated and will be announced in the coming months.

Avery has worked with bands such as Mac DeMarco and the 1975, bringing big-time names to small Rochester venues. Most notably, he works at the Bug Jar, Rochester’s hole-in-the wall live music venue on Monroe Avenue that has hosted bands such as Vampire Weekend, The White Stripes, and Jets to Brazil.

In 2014, Avery was the first person on the list of Rochester City Newspaper’s “Rochester 0,” the article nodding towards his passion for fostering the Rochester music scene to lower its “risk of becoming quietly irrelevant.”

Another local event organizer, Billy Martin, said that ROC4TIM is being put together through the efforts of Rochestarians raising funds, designing graphics for flyers, and spreading the word for the cause.

“[We’re] trying to maximize proceeds because health insurance only covers so much,” Martin said. “Chemo is extremely expensive. He’s such a selfless person, we’re only trying to return the favor, it’s the least we can do.”

Admission for ROC4TIM is $20. All proceeds will go directly to Avery.

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