Summers are critical times for college students to develop professional interests and skills outside the classroom. It is also the time to relax and recharge after an intense academic year.

Despite Rochester’s harsh winters, summers in Rochester are rather warm and eventful. There are lots of opportunities offered by the University, and also many fun events that happen in the Rochester city area.

Summer is the best time for students who are interested in research to devote themselves completely to it. As a top-tier research university, UR offers lots of summer research programs. A popular one  is the Xerox Engineering Research Fellows program, in which students can do independent research with  professors and prepare for Graduate Record Examinations—with a stipend. URMC provides a similar Summer Scholar program, which offers an opportunity for students who are interested in a Ph.D. degree in biological or biomedical sciences to pursue their interests in academic research. Many students also choose to stay here over the summer to continue their lab work that they do over the academic year.

There are other job opportunities on campus besides doing research. I worked as a Pre-College Counselor for the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid during the summer after my freshman year. The Office also hires Summer Meridians and Summer Senior Interviewers. Similarly, other school departments, such as Facilities and Services, and various academic administrative offices, all need student employees over the summer to prepare for the upcoming school year.

Downtown Rochester is a fun place to be over the summer. If you live in UR summer housing, summer RAs organize fun hall programs every week. Among these hall programs, are the city’s popular summer festivals. There’s the Park Ave. Festival, where you can  stroll around for free food samples; the Rochester Lilac Festival in Highland Park, in which you can watch kids’ magic shows; the Corn Hill Arts Festival for crafts; the Roc City Rib Fest; and the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival, where you can jam to good music. Summer is the best time to explore the city of Rochester and get off campus.

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