Last fall, students protested and demanded for an improved campus climate.

But since the Campus Climate Survey was launched nearly three weeks ago by the University in conjunction with The Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA, they’ve have remained relatively silent.

Evidence of this is the banner hanging in Wilson Commons, revealing that fewer than one-third of undergraduates have responded to the survey.  

Students were given several reminders via email, Blackboard, Facebook, word of mouth, and the Weekly Buzz, encouraging them to fill out the survey. In an email to University staff, Director of the University’s Intercultural Center Jessica Guzman-Rea wrote that the survey asks about students’ academic work, interaction with faculty and peers, participation in campus activities, perceptions of the climate on campus, and use of campus services.

The information collected by the survey will be utilized by faculty and administration “to better understand and improve the College experience.”

Many students who have filled out the survey said that it provides an effective and efficient channel to voicing concerns some may not feel comfortable with or have time to communicate.

“If UR is responsive to students’ concerns and makes effective changes on our campus,” sophomore Josh Veronica said, it will show students that the survey is worth taking [in the future].”

The half hour it has taken most students to complete the survey seems the likeliest culprit in deterring students from taking it.

When asked why she didn’t fill out the survey, junior Kelsey Csumitta said, “Honestly, I don’t have time for that. From what I’ve heard, it’s a long survey, and I’m just too busy.”


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