URBB defeated UChicago 84–76 last Sunday, helping the Yellowjackets achieve their first Midwest sweep in nearly 25 years. Junior guard Mack Montague scored a career–high 30 points, along with shooting 9 for 17. This was the third time this season that Montague scored over 20 points.

What is the earliest memory of your basketball career?

My earliest basketball memory was when my dad took me down to North Carolina to play at Duke University’s summer basketball camp, when I was about five years old. I got to meet Coach K, and watch/be coached by some of the best college basketball players in the country. Although I was only five years old at the time, it was still a very cool experience.

Who in the NBA have you looked up to the most, and why?

I look up to Steph Curry the most, really just because of his story. He was told he couldn’t play Division I basketball because of his size, lack of speed, etc., and now he is the most dangerous guard in the NBA—and reigning MVP.

URBB just completed a road sweep at Washington and Chicago for the first time in 24 years. How did that feel, and what is to come for this 2015-2016 squad?

It felt amazing to be able to get the road sweep this past weekend, especially against two highly-recognized programs. In terms of [our team], this weekend was huge, simply because I think it gave us a little confidence in ourselves. The last couple seasons, we have always been the underdog in the league. We still are. But now I think our team is realizing just how good we can be.

 How does playing basketball help you with everything else prevalent in your life?

I think basketball helps me a lot in the sense that it provides structure to my school year. It allows me to organize my time outside of class a lot easier than when I’m not in the season, simply because I have so much going on all the time. With this, it has also taught me how to deal with making sacrifices. There are plenty of times where I’d rather be with my friends or watching TV instead of going to practice. I think it’s important to learn how to make personal sacrifices in life.

 How did it feel to score a career-high 30 points against U. Chicago, and—I must ask—what was your pre-game ritual before that game?

It felt really good to have a career high that game, especially against the number 11 team in the country. But all credit goes to my teammates, especially Mike Mangan and Sam Borst-Smith, because they were able to keep putting me in great positions to score all game. Honestly, on the road, there’s not a lot of time for normal pre-game rituals. I really just woke up, had breakfast and a film session with the team, and hoped for the best.

 Would you rather participate in a reenactment of “Romeo and Juliet” with Amy Schumer, or write a sequel to “Frozen” with Chris Rock?

Sequel to “Frozen” with Chris Rock—not even close!

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